In the south­west­ern cor­ner of France, bound­ed by the Pyre­nees and the Atlantic Ocean you will find the coun­ty Pyrénées-Atlan­tiques’. This coun­ty is divid­ed into the Béarn (cap­i­tal: Pau) and French Basque Coun­try (cap­i­tal: Bayonne).

This var­ied and green region influ­enced by the moun­tains and the ocean, has had dif­fer­ent cul­tures over the cen­turies and they have all left their influence.

In the heart of the Atlantic Pyre­nees the Bearn opens its doors for us and reveals the tremen­dous rich­ness of its environment.

Salies de Bearn is locat­ed in the north of the Béarn des Gaves, com­posed of the towns Salies de Béarn, Orthez, Navar­renx and Sauvet­erre de Béarn.

Domaine d’Es­per­basque lies about two kilo­me­tres south of Salies de Béarn.


A map of the Pyrénées Atlan­tiques with impor­tant places.

The Béarn in yel­low and the Basque Coun­try in red.

Salies de Béarn

Our beau­ti­ful region, here is more info for you. Charm­ing Béarn coun­try and french basque country.

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Togeth­er with the Basque Coun­try, the Béarn forms the depart­ment of Pyrénées-Atlan­tiques’. Despite the Béarn being a part of France, this region used to be polit­i­cal­ly inde­pen­dent from the for­mer French king­dom. This changed when Hen­ry IV of France (whose birth­place is Pau, the cap­i­tal of the Béarn) became king.

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The Basque Country 

Basques are proud of their coun­try and its rich his­to­ry. One can admire the beau­ty of nature in addi­tion to the authen­tic and orig­i­nal Basque traditions.

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The Coast

At 55 kilo­me­ters of Domaine d’Es­per­basque lies the Atlantic Ocean with its beaches.

On the coast of the Pyre­nees Atlan­tiques you will find inter­est­ing Basque cities such as Biar­ritz and St Jean de Luz and beau­ti­ful beach­es with high waves where you can swim and surf.

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Through­out his­to­ry the area has had many con­tacts with Spain: the Span­ish Basque Coun­try is three times as large as the French part.

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There are many mar­kets in the sur­round­ings, var­i­ous times and days per week. Here is our help­ful list.

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