The Pyre­nees-Atlan­tiques is one of the coun­ties that is annu­al­ly vis­it­ed by the Tour de France’. From the beau­ti­ful hilly envi­ron­ment of the Béarn and the Basque Coun­try to the high peaks and pass­es of the Pyre­nees. Explore the sur­round­ings or be active in the Pyre­nees, on a road-bike, tour­ing-bike or even elec­tric-bike, there are routes for everyone!

We made a selec­tion of routes that we rec­om­mend. All routes have the camp­site as a start­ing point. It is pos­si­ble to down­load (for use on eg smart­phone, tablet, ..) a PDF the route and view the route in Google Maps. The routes are also avail­able at the camp­site recep­tion, they can also be used for trips by car or motorbike.