Of course you can swim in the pool at the camp­site, but every­one has heard about the high waves of the Atlantic coast!

And what about the fresh waters of the near­by rivers? (called gaves’)

The Gaves’ (rivers)

An exten­sive net­work of rivers makes this area attrac­tive, not only for fish­er­men, but also for swim­mers! The water is clear and refresh­ing. A pleas­ant spot to swim in the riv­er (Gave d’Oloron) can be found at Sauvet­erre de Béarn (7 km from the camp­site). It is pos­si­ble to con­tin­ue from Sauvet­erre towards Navar­renx, from where var­i­ous farm roads give access to unique spots on the riv­er, some shady, deep or shal­low water (with or with­out rapids) and there are even rocks to leap from!

The Atlantic Coast

The Atlantic coast pro­vides a vari­ety of beach­es for every­one! Our neigh­bour­ing coun­ty Les Lan­des” is known for its long, wide beach­es yet it is not over­crowd­ed. It is great for the whole fam­i­ly to enjoy the ocean. 

Fur­ther south lie the famous beach­es of the Biar­ritz coast (some say the birth­place of surf­ing in Europe). Love­ly to enjoy the beau­ti­ful beach­es, fun to shop and a beau­ti­ful city to visit. 

More towards the bor­der lies Saint Jean de Luz, a typ­i­cal Basque fish­ing village. 

South of Saint Jean de Luz, in the direc­tion of Spain, we can see the beau­ti­ful Pyre­nees: lots of rocks and high cliffs, won­der­ful for hik­ing. The last French coastal town before the bor­der with Spain is Hen­daye with its won­der­ful long, wide beach, very suit­able for children.