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In the southwestern corner of France, bounded by the Pyrenees and the Atlantic Ocean you will find the county 'Pyrénées-Atlantiques'. This county is divided into the Béarn (capital: Pau) and French Basque Country (capital: Bayonne).

This varied and green region influenced by the mountains and the ocean, has had different cultures over the centuries and they have all left their influence.

In the heart of the Atlantic Pyrenees the Bearn opens its doors for us and reveals the tremendous richness of its environment.

Salies de Bearn is located in the north of the Béarn des Gaves, composed of the towns Salies de Béarn, Orthez, Navarrenx and Sauveterre de Béarn.

Domaine d'Esperbasque lies about two kilometres south of Salies de Béarn.


A map of the Pyrénées Atlantiques with important places.

The Béarn in yellow and the Basque Country in red.