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Of course you can swim in the pool at the campsite, but everyone has heard about the high waves of the Atlantic coast!
And what about the fresh waters of the nearby rivers? (called 'gaves')

The 'Gaves' (rivers)

An extensive network of rivers makes this area attractive, not only for fishermen, but also for swimmers! The water is clear and refreshing.
A pleasant spot to swim in the river (Gave d'Oloron) can be found at Sauveterre de Béarn (7 km from the campsite).
It is possible to continue from Sauveterre towards Navarrenx, from where various farm roads give access to unique spots on the river, some shady, deep or shallow water (with or without rapids) and there are even rocks to leap from!

The Atlantic Coast

The Atlantic coast provides a variety of beaches for everyone!
Our neighbouring county "Les Landes" is known for its long, wide beaches yet it is not overcrowded. It is great for the whole family to enjoy the ocean.
Further south lie the famous beaches of the Biarritz coast (some say the birthplace of surfing in Europe). Lovely to enjoy the beautiful beaches, fun to shop and a beautiful city to visit.
More towards the border lies Saint Jean de Luz, a typical Basque fishing village.
South of Saint Jean de Luz, in the direction of Spain, we can see the beautiful Pyrenees: lots of rocks and high cliffs, wonderful for hiking.
The last French coastal town before the border with Spain is Hendaye with its wonderful long, wide beach, very suitable for children.

The Coast