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Horse Riding

The area surrounding Domaine d'Esperbasque lends itself to horseback riding, which is organized from the campsite, beautiful rides with guidance. Every night there is a trail of two hours in the hilly region. These rides are for experienced riders. After the beginners classes, there is still a small ride for beginners. Every child can ride, if accompanied by their parents.

The indoor riding school provides riding lessons for every level. Every morning the stalls are cleaned, the horses brought back from the meadow, groomed, brushed and saddled. In the morning there are beginners classes, in the afternoon there are advanced classes. Even if you haven't ridden recently or just want to experience what it's like on the back of a horse? You can!

At Domaine d'Esperbasque the threshold to (re-)start riding is made ​​very low: we provide beginner lessons for adults. These 30 minute lessons are fully adapted to the rider's level.

We have thirteen horses and ponies, each with its own character!


Kalina is the smallest of the bunch, a white circus horse. Kalina loves to pull the chariot around the campsite!


Pony is the oldest, brown with white spots, very sweet and patient. Pony is great to accompany children for their first time on horseback. And when she goes for an outside ride with the experienced riders, this granny is still one of the fastest!


Maluna, is the daughter of Pony and Kaspar. A white pony with dark spots.


Fanfan is a lively pony and she is great for the young and experienced riders. She competes against the horses during the outdoor rides!


Gitane is a black pony full of energy.


Kaspar is a Pottok from the Basque Country and he is curious and active. He can sometimes be a little naughty and is often the class clown. He loves to be spoiled!


Nuts is a brown, enthusiastic and sociable horse, suitable for experienced and / or adult riders.


Gipsy is a brown mare, she is very sweet-natured and very suitable for beginners.


Opium is a brown gelding, who in the summer turns grey! He is still a little young, but suitable for experienced riders.


Nadau has a brown stripe down his spine and is the partner of Opium, they are almost inseparable!


Tjitske is a real Friesian horse, she left the Dutch countryside for the green hills of Salies. Her foal Itzarro was born in February 2012.


Itzarro is the son of Tjitske, also a real Friesian horse. He is, like his mother, very sweet and really loves to be cuddled.


Napoleon is a very calm horse. Suitable for beginner adults, but also likes to do the jumping lessons.