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Rafting, kayaking, canyoning, paintballing ... Always wanted to do one of these? It is possible to participate in these sporting activities which occur weekly!

All these activities are organized from the campsite. 

Wine Tasting

Next to the campsite is one of the vineyards of Domaine Lapeyre-Guilhemas. Every week we go wine tasting and we get a tour of the wine cellar.

Raft, Cano-raft, Kayak

We go rafting and kayaking on the river "Gave d'Oloron".
Rafting is with a dozen people in a rubber boat, cooperation and fun are inevitable.
A kayak can be manned by either one or two persons, feel at one with the river and enjoy a certain independence.
Minimum age for kayaking is 8 years old and minimum age for rafting is 6 years old. children must always have good swimming skills in order to participate.


Canyoning with Pyrenees Aventures Nouvelles takes place in the Pyrenees. Thrills and excitement! Climbing, abseiling (descending using ropes) , jumps in the water and glide with it.
Underground canyoning is also possible: Speleo Canyoning for the real die-hards!
Minimum age: 14 years.

Kart Racing

Karting with Karting Briscous on a 1200 metre outside circuit in a fast kart (75km per hour). Who makes the fastest lap?
Minimum age: 12 years.


In the forest you have to watch out! You are out quickly, because you have a stain of paint on your suit! Paintballing with Banzai Paintball: exciting, strategic, teamwork and fun! Two teams compete for winning the different rounds.
Minimum age: 16 years (14 years if under guidance of a parent).


It is also possible, on request, to go paragliding in the Pyrenees with Air Attitude. Feel free as a bird and enjoy the beautiful view of the Pyrenees.